Antner Handmade Japanese Chopsticks, Natural Wood, 5 Pairs, $11.99 (save 43%)

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This unique set of chopsticks is made of natural Cassia siamea Lamhard and dense, resistant to water and moisture, anti-worm-eaten. It is the raw material for fine kitchen utensils and furniture. This chopstick is different from other wooden chopsticks in that the surface is covered with natural lacquer, tableware using this lacquer process called lacquer ware. The lacquer ware craftsmanship is exquisite, using pure natural lacquer, traditional Chinese craftsmanship, combined with new technology, refined through a complex and elaborate process. Exquisite workmanship, clear wood grain, non-toxic and harmless, strong and durable, simple and elegant. It is both a practical item in life and a craft for viewing or collecting.Lacquer used as a coating on chopsticks, can make chopsticks have the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low temperature. The chopsticks painted with raw lacquer are bright and durable. Natural lacquer, non-toxic and harmless, can be used with confidence.The design style of this chopstick is Japanese design, Japanese chopsticks are small and exquisite, and have unique ornamental qualities. Chopstick’s small tip has a natural texture due to the natural chopsticks, which can generate frictional resistance with the food, can better clamp the food so that it won’t fall easily.

SALE PRICE: $11.99
Regular Price: $20.99 (save 43%)

  • Made of superior wooden, healthy, no painting, no wax
  • 9 inches length, suitable for most people to use, beginners can also use them very well
  • Minimalist design, smooth surface, the design of the end of the chopsticks can hold food well
  • Unique design and colors, come with gift box, a good choice for gifts or household use, everyone will happy to get them
  • Dishwasher safe. Avoid being kept in the microwave oven, disinfection cabinets, high temperature, or exposure to sunlight

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