Hiware 2-Pack 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoons – Black

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A must-have for the home bar, Hiware gleaming bar spoon is ideal for use with cocktail shaker, mixing glass and pitcher

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  • Evenly mixes drinks, milkshakes, juices, dressings, and more.
  • Long, slender mixing spoon for reaching into cocktail shakers.
  • Twisted stem provides swizzle stick action.
  • The cut-glass mixing beaker is both elegant and durable, and the equally beautiful teardrop barspoon is designed to provide comfort while stirring drinks.
  • A true cocktail requires more skill than just pouring a spirit in a glass and topping with coke, which is where the Twisted Mixing Spoon comes in. With its professional stainless steel look, you can stylishly and effortlessly combine cocktails with a simple stir. This spoon can reach to the bottom of almost any tall cocktail glass, so you can go wild and create some giant tasty masterpieces!
  • HIWARE is the definitive kitchenware brand with over 20 years of foodservice and hospitality industry experience. Reliable and trusted by professionals, our commercial lines of products, span from tabletops, restaurant kitchens supplies to utensils. We are now very proud to make our tools and gadgets available to any home cook and hope to give them the joy of using quality utensils loved by professionals.

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