Professional Tapered French Rolling Pin – Stainless Steel with Measurements

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  • DOUGH COOLING & LIGHTWEIGHT: Adjusts to smooth and cool every dough; pastry, fondant, and other cookie doughs need to be rolled while cold; chill Ultra Cuisine’s french pastry rolling pin by filling it with cold water for perfect smooth pastries, every time; the baking rolling pin’s weight increases from 10 to 30 ounces; for greater effect, pop it in your freezer
  • EASY TO CLEAN STAINLESS STEEL: Professional 304 stainless steel rolling pin; crafted as the perfect rolling pin for baking, Ultra Cuisine’s rolling pin is non-stick, rust-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean; wooden rolling pins splinter, stick to dough, and absorb odors; keep your kitchen (and your pastries) perfect, clean, fresh, and safe with Ultra Cuisine’s metal rolling pin
  • MULTI-PURPOSE NONSTICK SURFACE: Measure precisely with a multi-purpose baking tool; Ultra Cuisine’s rolling pin is etched with measurements to measure as you bake making it perfect for pizza, dumplings, roti, tortillas, pastries, pasta, cookies, fondant, and even polymer clay or play-doh
  • EASY TO ROLL TAPERED DESIGN: Sense the thickness of the dough; ergonomic tapered French rolling pin design; designed for maneuverability and comfort while baking; unlike rollers with handles, the tactile feedback of the French rod design lets you know the amount of pressure to use; the surface on our cookie rolling pin is completely smooth for perfectly rolled dough, every time
  • INSPIRED BAKING GUARANTEED: Free recipe ebook with purchase; try over 100 delicious recipes; Ultra Cuisine’s kid-friendly non-stick rolling pin comes with a free bonus recipe ebook for a lifetime of happy baking with Ultra Cuisine’s professional french rolling pin proudly designed in Colorado, USA

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