Senseo Strong Dark Roast Coffee Pods, 48 Count

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SENSEO CLASSIC: Indulge Yourself With Our Refreshed Coffee Pod Range

If you loved your Senseo Medium Roast, now try the refreshed version! Medium roasted Arabica and Robusta beans form the blend for Senseo Classic, a perfectly balanced coffee with a soft crema layer to enjoy every day. Senseo soft coffee pods for every moment of the day. Compost friendly.

PRICE: $66.10

  • SINGLE SERVE COFFEE PODS: Made from the finest ground coffee beans, pre-measured and sealed inside their own coffee filter for maximum freshness in each coffee cup!
  • STRONG DARK ROAST ESPRESSO COFFEE PODS: The perfect dark roast coffee pod for lovers of powerful and fragrant coffee, an aromatic and rich blend made of dark roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
  • BREW WITH YOUR SENSEO SINGLE SERVE COFFEE MAKER: Brew with your one-cup Senseo coffee machine and experience the signature rich coffee crema layer
  • COMPOSTABLE COFFEE PODS: Made with no plastic or metal waste. Easily dispose of used coffee pods by tossing them in your compost bin
  • STOCK UP ON SENSEO COFFEE PODS: Ships in a Certified Frustration-Free Packaging Box of 10 bags, each containing 48 strong dark roast espresso coffee pods (480 pods total)
  • ENJOY SENSEO COFFEE PODS IN A VARIETY OF WAYS: Steep coffee pods overnight in fresh, cold water to enjoy cold brew coffee or serve brewed coffee pod over ice for iced coffee

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