Inserts, eCoupons, Cashback and Printable Coupons…which source is best?

There are ACTUALLY two answers to that!  The first answer is….All of Them!  The second is….which ever sources you like and will use!  It took me awhile to get comfortable with Ibotta, Checkout 51 and SavingStar which, is the FIRST coupon/cashback source an average millennial will use.  They only require a smart phone!  I started with printing coupons and wasted about $70 in ink printing coupons I would never spend.  Then I moved on to spending $100+ on inserts.  That was fun, but not at all thrifty!

Coupon Inserts

Coupon Inserts come in Sunday newspapers on a set SCHEDULE.  Different areas of the country get different coupons for reasons only known to marketing people.  There are three different inserts, P&G, RetailMeNot (formerly Red Plum) and Smart Source.  P&G comes out monthly and all the coupons in it expire at the end of the month.  Most Red Plum & Smart Source coupons expire in about 12 weeks.

I order my coupons from a Facebook Group operating out of Houston, Texas.  Saving Money #2 is operated by Alethea Muñoz Roach,  and  Elizabeth McGlown who are called Coupon Fairys.  A half a bundle (8-13) of the inserts coming out that week runs around $12 each week.   To get inserts from them, join the group and pick one of them to order inserts from.  They each have their own online form to fill out and they post it at the beginning of the week.  If you want to order be sure to order as early as possible as they often run out by the end of the week.  The inserts are generally mailed out on Saturday morning and I get mine (in California) on Monday, or Tuesday latest.

Another reliable, though more expensive,  source for inserts is Capri’s Coupons.  They offers inserts from all over the country and generally get the orders out Monday or Tuesday.

Coupon Clipping Services

Every Wednesday, these clipping services get lists of next week’s coupons up on their sites.  Both of them are pretty much same day mailing.  I try not to order coupons that expire in less than a month. Is the least expensive, yet totally reliable service I have found.  Their price for clipping each coupon runs from 8¢ to 48¢ each, depending on the coupon.  1st Class mailing is $1 per order. sells coupons in lots of 10 or 20.  I only get food coupons with a long expiration date from this service.

Printable Coupons

The main websites that offer printable coupons are Coupons.comSmart Source and Red Plum.  Most coupon websites will allow you to print two (2) each of the coupons they offer.  There are many manufacturers that offer coupons on their sites as well as specialty printable coupon sites various kinds (charity, health food, et cetera).  The best way to check to see if a coupon is being offered is to search on a coupon database.  I use Southern Savers’ Coupon Database because it is very thorough and I haven’t found a better one.

Cash Back Coupon Apps

Cash back coupon apps come and go but Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout 51 have longevity so you can safely rely on them.  I have heard Berry Cart is good too but I have never used them.  It works differently than the other apps I mentioned in that you don’t need to select deals before you take pictures of and upload receipts.  Many apps have a $20 requirement before you can cash out.

With Ibotta, you can add an offer after you purchase the item, but SavingStar and Checkout 51 insist that you add the offer BEFORE the purchase of the item.  Just take a minute or two to make sure all their offers are added before you hit the store.

Store App eCoupons

Be sure to get familiar with store apps as more and more of them are offering eCoupons in them.  It’s silly, but I really enjoy adding offers and coupons and doing so is part of my bedtime routine.  It’s a hot Saturday night date for me at midnight when I get to open my CVS app, select Deals & Coupons and then add all the Extra Care Bucks deals and eCoupons  to my card.  Then on to the Office Depot app to see what the Rewards Offers are!  Will I get more free paper?  After that, I zoop on over to the Target app, open Cartwheel Offers , select ALL, and check to see what items are getting the biggest discounts.

Southern Savers Coupon Database

This is the best Coupon Database though it might not list coupons for some Western brands.