Tristan Foods Organic Rye Flour (2 lb.)

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Create some original and delectable sourdough breads and other classic pastries with this versatile organic rye flour from Tristan Foods.

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Baking requires having the right flour, especially when it comes to creating delicious sourdough, crackers, and homemade baked goods. That’s why we created the Tristan Foods Organic Rye Flour, an all-purpose, organic, and solution for creating great foods, classic recipes, and your favorite cakes, cookies, and breads.

A natural source of fiber, our rye flour offers a delicious flavor, smooth texture perfect for mixing and blending, and is grown and cultivated right here in Canada; all to ensure you get the very best possible when you’re cooking, baking, and creating foods your friends and family will love.

  • Cultivated in Canada – A fresh, delicious taste that pairs well with a variety of foods and ingredients, our organic rye flour is cultivated in the very best region right
  • Natural Source of Fiber – Every serving contains organic fibers to naturally support a healthy diet and digestion, making it a smart choice for health-conscious families.
  • Vegan-Friendly, Organic Flour – Dark rye flour fits a range of dietary needs, making it easy to add to your kitchen pantry if you love baking.
  • Finely Stone-Ground Texture – We carefully grind our organic bread flour to ensure it’s a smooth, mixable flour perfect for classic breads, sourdough, crackers and more.
  • Family Owned Company – Founded and run right here in Canada, Tristan Foods works diligently to ensure you get the very best dry food goods for your family.

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